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It’s Time to Discover and Live Your Style!

I help women around the world discover and live their own unique style.

If you are not interested in fashion and never tried googling any fashion trends, you might not be satisfied to learn that people do get noticed when they dress to impress. Style and fashion are often associated with success, confidence and wealth. Though having a style is not about having lots of money but rather about having a good taste and eye. Keep thinking fashion is always expensive? We will change your mind.


Offers and pricing

Choose the plan you need and contact us to look amazing!

The rough sketch

  • Personal style recommendations
  • One-on-one closet review
  • Style education and shopping action plan

The blank canvas

  • A personal style consultation
  • Personalized pre-shopping services
  • 3-hour one-on-one shopping mall tour

The curarted canvas

  • Personalized pre-shopping services
  • 3-hour one-on-one shopping mall tour
  • 1-hour outfitting session with a lookbook

Everyone Has An Evolving Style Story

Watch Video

Let's go shopping!

New collection 2020
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New Lookbook

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Getting in touch

Contact me now for any of your fashion needs

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